Common Tilting and Wand Problems on Horizontal Blinds

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Horizontal mini, faux wood, wood, and Venetian blinds may sometimes have issues tilting the slats open and closed. Below, we review possible problems to determine if the issue has to do with the wand or the tilt mechanism.

The wand has fallen off of the blind.

  • Check to see if the wand tip on the top of the wand is broken.
  • If the wand tip is broken, a new wand or wand tip will need to be installed.
  • The plastic sleeve that holds the hook in place may have broken.
  • If the sleeve has broken, a new sleeve will need to be purchased. If the hook is missing, it can also be replaced.

These issues indicate that the tilt mechanism needs to be replaced.

  • If turning the wand does not tilt the slats, that indicates that the gear in the tilt mechanism is broken.
  • The stem on the outside of the tilt mechanism has broken off.
  • If either of these has occurred, the tilt mechanism in the blind will need to be replaced with a new one.