How to Install a Vertical Blind Wand Tilt Control Mechanism

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Over time, the tilt control in a vertical blind can wear out and break, requiring replacement. These instructions illustrate how to replace a vertical blind tilt control. Your vertical blind may look a bit different, but these instructions and basic concepts may still apply.

Tools Needed

Phillips-head Screwdriver

Parts Needed

Step 1 – Place the headrail on a flat surface, and remove the wand.

Step 2 – Using your screwdriver, remove the end cap.

Step 3 – Slide the tilt control out, along with the carrier that it’s attached to.

Step 4 – Un-attach the tilt control from the carrier.

  • Un-attaching the tilt control may differ depending on the style of vertical blind you have. Some controls unhook, unsnap or unscrew from the adjoined carrier.

Step 5 – Attach the new vertical tilt control.

Step 6 – Slide the carrier and tilt control back onto the track, and reattach the end cap.

Step 7 – Reattach the wand.

Step 8 – Test your repair

  • Test your repair by moving the wand to slide the carriers, and operating the tilt control by turning the wand.