How to Install a Graber and Bali Wooden Blind Wand with a Shepherd's Hook Tip

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In this guide, we show you how to replace a shepherd's hook wand on a Bali or Graber wood or faux wood blind. In most cases, the blind does not need to be removed from the window. If you have a decorative valence that’s in the way of your tilter stem, we recommend removing the valance. This wand is used with Springs Window Fashions, Bali Northern Heights, Graber Traditions, Traditions Composite, Lake Forest, Elite Wood, and other horizontal blinds.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed

Step 1 – It’s critical to get the eyelet shaft and the opening on the wand’s hook lined up properly so they can fit together. The sides of the eyelet shaft are its thinnest points; that’s what will slide into the opening on the hook. Hold the wand perpendicular to the shaft of the tilt mechanism and slide the eyelet shaft into the hook’s opening. You shouldn’t feel any resistance. If there is resistance, the angles aren’t right. Do not use pliers or any tools to open the hook. The hook will break if you try to bend it.

Step 2 – To access the wand, you may need to remove the valance. The most common valance clips used on this brand of blinds are adjustable, and the valance can be slid down to remove. If the clips aren’t adjustable, the valance will just rotate off the clips.

Step 3 – When the blind is in the window, you will have to get up high to get the proper angle to remove the wand. If there is any obstruction above or near the window, you may need to hold the wand parallel to the ground. The wand should come right off.

Step 4 – To put the wand back on, slide the thinnest side of the tilt mechanism shaft into the opening on the wand's hook. The two parts will slide together easily. The wand must be perpendicular to the shaft on the tilt mechanism for this to work properly. Do not use pliers or any tools to open the hook. The hook will break if you try to bend it.

Step 5 – Test the functionality of the blind and wand.

Step 6 – Remount the valance. Line up the slide piece on the back of the valance with the clip that is on the headrail of the blind.