How to Install Vertical Blind Vane Savers and Vane Saver Extensions

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Sometimes, the holes at the top of vertical blind vanes break, tear or crack. Instead of throwing the vane away, you can repair it with a vane saver. This metal clip simply fastens over the top of the damaged vane, recreating a hole to attach the vane to your vertical blind. Vane savers are used with vinyl, plastic, PVC, and aluminum vertical blind vanes. Vanes are also called slats.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed


Step 1 – Attach the vane saver to the top of the vane.

  • Firmly insert the vane saver onto the vane.

Step 2 – If your vane is broken and jagged, use scissors to cut off the damaged portion of the vane.

  • Install your vane saver extension by sliding it onto the vane.
  • Vane saver extensions can also be used to extend vanes by ½” in length.