How to Measure and Install Valance Clips for Vertical Blinds

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It is common to need to replace valance clips on vertical blinds. Over time, the plastic of the clips can deteriorate due to sun damage. It is easy to measure, find the right clips, and replace them.

Tools Needed

Tape Measure

Step 1 – Use your tape measure to carefully measure and identify which clip you need.

  • After measuring your valance clip, carefully compare and match it to the pictures on our website.

Step 2 – If your blind is mounted outside of the window, valance clips may be removed and replaced while your blinds are still mounted. For inside mounted blinds, you’ll have to remove the blind from the window to install the clips. For demonstration purposes, we will show how to replace a clip with the blind down and the slats removed.

  • Attach your clip to the headrail.
  • Slide in the valance to the clip.

Step 3 – Clip your valance on the top of your headrail.

  • Attach the valance to the front of the clip.

Step 4 – Twist your clip into the front of the headrail channel.

  • Slide the valance into the clip.