How to Measure for Hold Down Brackets

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Hold down brackets are typically used on mini, wood, faux wood, cellular, Venetian, roller, and sheer blinds and shades. These are usually seen on blinds mounted outside of windows and on doors. These brackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have integrated pins and others are secured using a separate pin in the bottom rail. They secure the end of each side of the bottom rail of the blind to the outside of the window or door frame to prevent the blind from banging around.

Tools Needed

Tape Measure

Parts Needed

Step 1 – Measure the end of the bottom rail.

  • Using your measuring tape or a ruler, measure the end of the bottom rail of your blind or shade.

Step 2 – Take the overall measurement, and divide in half. Then add 1/4”.

  • For example: If the bottom rail on your blind measures 2″, divide that in half to get 1″. Add 1/4″ to get 1 1/4″. The corresponding hold down bracket should measure 1 1/4′ from the back where it mounts to the pin.
  • Blinds with a pin in the bottom rail will measure the same way, except the bracket will have a hole in it instead of a pin protruding from it.