How to Remove and Replace a Graber or Bali Cellular Honeycomb Shade

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This guide shows you how to remove and replace your Graber, Bali or Springs Window Fashions cellular honeycomb shade. You may need to remove the shade for repair or cleaning.

Tools Needed

Flat-head Screwdriver

Step 1 – Disengage the headrail from the brackets.

  • To remove the shade, insert a flathead screwdriver between the bracket and headrail. Twist the blade of the screwdriver. This will disengage the headrail from the bracket.
  • Once all of the brackets are released the shade should come out towards you.

Step 2 – If your bracket is clear plastic, you will need to push the tap up on the back of the bracket while pulling the headrail of the shade forward.

Step 3 – To replace the shade, slide the top portion of the headrail into the front of the bracket first.

  • Be sure the bracket is inserted into the front of the headrail.

Step 4 – Rotate the back of the shade up until you hear it click into place.

  • Test the shade’s operation.