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How to Remove and Replace a Horizontal Blind

Video ID: 401008


Blinds need to come down out of the window for repairs, cleaning, and replacement. This video shows you how easy it is to remove and rehang wood, faux wood, mini, and Venetian blinds that mount with box brackets.

Tools Needed

Flathead screwdriver

Parts Needed


Step 1 – Fully raise the blind.

  • Lift the blind all the way up with the pull cord.
  • Remove the valance by lifting the bottom of the valance up and pulling it away from the blind.

Step 2 – Open the box bracket latches to release the blind.

  • Place the flat head screwdriver under the latch on the bracket, and rotate it upwards to open the bracket. Repeat on each bracket.
  • Lift the latch on the bracket up fully on each side.
  • Carefully pull the headrail out of the brackets.

Step 3 – Rehang the blind.

  • Slide the headrail of the blind into the open box brackets, and close the latches on both brackets.
  • Reattach the valance.