How to Remove and Replace a Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shade

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Sometimes a shade will need to be removed from the window for a repair, painting, or window work. This guide covers how to remove and install a Hunter Douglas Silhouette shade with three different generations of brackets that have been used on these shades. The first section of this guide will cover the bracket on the right side of the picture below (Bracket A), the second section will cover the middle bracket (Bracket B), and the third section will cover the left bracket (Bracket C).


Tools Needed

Flat-head Screwdriver

Section 1 - Removing and replacing a Silhouette shade with Bracket A.

Step 1 – Roll the fabric down slightly to allow more clearance between the fabric and fascia.

Step 2 – Look underneath the headrail of the shade between the fabric and fascia to find the brackets.

Step 3 – Find the slot on the center of the bracket where the bracket connects to the fascia.

Step 4 – Place a flathead screwdriver in the slot. Push up and twist the screwdriver blade to disengage the bracket.

  • The bracket will be disengaged, but will stay in place so that the other brackets can be disengaged.

Step 5 – When all of the brackets have been disengaged, roll the shade up, and pull the shade out towards you.

Step 6 – To remount the shade push the shade straight into the brackets until it snaps into place.

Section 2 - Removing and replacing a Silhouette shade from Bracket B.

Step 1 – Find the clear plastic tabs that appear on the top of the fascia.

Step 2 – Push the clear plastic tab up while slightly pulling the shade towards you to disengage the bracket.

Step 3 – To remount the shade, place the top edge of the fascia between the clear plastic tab and the body of the bracket, and push in until seated.

  • You might need to do this by feeling the tab and guiding it over the top of the fascia, and the fascia over the bracket body.

Section 3 - Removing and replacing a Silhouette shade from Bracket C.

Step 1 – Find the plastic levers that appear on the top of the fascia.

Step 2 – Slide all of the plastic levers to the left, and then pull the shade out toward you.

Step 3 – To remount the shade, with all of the plastic levers in the left position, push the shade straight in.

  • The plastic levers should automatically lock into place when the shade is seated, but check to make sure that the levers are locked.