How to Remove and Replace a Woven Wood Shade

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You may have to remove your woven wood shade from the window for repairs, painting or window work. This guide illustrates how to properly remove and replace your woven wood shade. This type of mounting bracket, also called Yankee brackets, may also be found on some Roman shades.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed


Step 1 – Lift the valance up, and unscrew the wing-nuts on the underside of the headrail. She blind will easily come down off of the brackets.

Step 2 – To rehang the shade, put the shade in place. The long threaded pieces fit into the slots cut in the wood headrail.

  • Attach the wing-nuts.
  • If the shade is very wide, you may need another person to hold the shade up while you fasten the wing-nuts.

Step 3 – Test your installation.

  • Raise and lower the blind to make sure it operates smoothly.