How to Replace a Vertical Blind Carrier Stem and Gear

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The carrier clip stem on a vertical blind holds the slats or vanes to the headrail. Sometimes these can break or fall out. These instructions walk you through how to replace a vertical blind carrier stem and the gear. This type of stem is common on Graber and Bali vertical blinds.

Tools Needed

Flat-head Screwdriver
Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1 – Remove the carrier clip.

  • With the carriers in the open position, firmly grasp the stem and push it out of the C-shaped opening of the carrier.

Step 2 – With a screwdriver and pliers, remove the gear.

Step 3 – Replace the gear with a screwdriver and pliers.

Step 4 – Snap the new stem into the carrier.

  • Make sure the new stem and all of the other stems on the blind are aligned in the same direction.

Step 5 – Test your repair.