How to Replace a Wand Tilt Mechanism in a Levolor Mini Blind

Video ID:  121001


Levelor tilt mechanisms can be difficult to install because of their style. These instructions illustrate how to install a Levelor 1″ Riviera tilt mechanism.

Tools Needed

Flat-head Screwdriver
Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1 – Remove the blind from the window, and lay it on a flat surface.

Step 2 – Remove the wand, hook, and sleeve. Set them aside.

Step 3 – With the pliers, remove the rail stiffeners on both ends of the headrail.

Step 4 – Slide the tilt rod away from the tilt mechanism.

  • Do not slide the rod through the drum.

Step 5 – Using a flathead screwdriver, loosen the tabs holding the tilt mechanism down.

Step 6 – Slightly spread the headrail, and remove the tilter.

Step 7 – Install the new tilt mechanism.

  • Push the tabs down to lock it into place.

Step 8 – Push the tabs down to lock it into place.

Step 9 – Replace the end stiffeners.

Step 10 – Reattach the hook, sleeve, and wand.

Step 11 – Test your repair.

  • Rotate the wand to make sure that the rod inside of your headrail is rotating, while engaging the tilt mechanism.