How to Replace a Wand Tilt Mechanism on a 2″ Blind

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Wand tilt mechanisms are used in horizontal wood, faux wood, and Venetian blinds to rotate the slats of the blind open and closed. Replacing a broken tilt mechanism is an easy repair.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed

Step 1 – Remove the wand.

  • Remove the blind from the window before beginning this project.
  • If the wand is still attached to the tilt mechanism, remove it and set it aside.
  • With the pliers, remove the end stiffeners from both ends of the headrail.

Step 2 – Remove the broken tilt mechanism.

  • Slide the tilt rod free from the tilt mechanism, but do not take it all the way out of the headrail.
  • Remove the old tilt mechanism by slightly spreading the headrail, and then pulling it out of the headrail.

Step 3 – Install the new tilt mechanism.

  • Install the new tilt mechanism, making sure that it is firmly seated in the headrail.
  • Slide the tilt rod through the new tilt mechanism.
  • Be sure to line-up the tilt rod shape with the hole in the tilt mechanism.

Step 4 – Reattach the end stiffeners and the wand.

  • Replace the end stiffeners.
  • Reattach the tilt wand.