How to Replace Drums in a Hunter Douglas Mini Blind

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The drums are part of the tilting system of a horizontal blind. If the drums are plastic, they may break over time due to exposure to sun and varying temperatures. Replacing them is a common repair.

Tools Needed

Small Flat-head Screwdriver

Parts Needed

Step 1 – Remove the blind from the window and lay it on a flat work area.

  • Mark the ladder strings where they come out from the drum with a marker.

Step 2 – Remove the ladder strings from the drums.

  • Tape the ladder strings on the outside of the headrail so they don’t slip out of the bottom of the headrail.

Step 3 – Remove the drums from cradles.

  • Lift the tilt rod up and slide the old drums off.

Step 4 – Lift the tilt rod up and slide the old drums off.

  • Before snapping the drums into the cradles, reattach the ladder cords to the drums.
  • Use the mark on the ladder strings to attach the cords in the same place as before.

Step 5 – Snap the tilt rod back into the cradles.

  • Using a small, flat screwdriver, make sure the ladder string is completely seated into the drum.