How to Set the Limits on a Roller Shade

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Setting the limits on your roller shade prevents the blind from over-rotating as it will stop the blind at the desired spots. These instructions explain exactly how to set the limits on your roller shade.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed

Step 1 – To set the shade limits with the stop balls, roll the shade up to the desired stopping point.

Step 2 – Hold the chain at the first bead outside of the clutch. Pull the chain down and install the stop ball two beads above the one you’re holding.

Step 3 – Pull the shade down to set the limit for the closed shade. Repeat the same steps as above.

  • Be sure to leave the shade slightly off the window sill to prevent the fabric from buckling when the shade is fully lowered.

Step 4 – Attach stop ball while the shade is in the down position.

Step 5 – Test your installation.

  • If the shade does not stop at the desired positions, move the stop balls up or down as needed.