Remove and Replace a Comfortex Cellular Honeycomb Shade

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Sometimes a shade needs to be removed from where it’s mounted for a repair, painting, or window work. This guide covers how to remove and install a Comfortex cellular honeycomb shade.

Tools Needed


Parts Needed


Step 1 – Pull the shade completely up.

Step 2 – Remove the shade.

  • Push the top rail of the shade straight back towards the wall with both hands.
  • Rotate the backside of the top rail down and towards you.
  • The shade should disconnect from the brackets.

Step 3 – Reinstall the shade.

  • Slide the top front portion of the headrail into the bracket first.
  • Make sure that the front tab of the bracket is seated in the slot at the front of the headrail.
  • Push the shade back towards the wall until it snaps into place.