Make Your Blinds Safer for Kids

Keep Blind Cords Out of the Hands of Your Little Ones

When we think of childproofing, we usually picture things like locking up cleaning products, using the right car seat and covering electrical outlets. Another safety concern for kids is blind cords. Hanging cords and loose loops can be a strangulation risk for our little ones. The safest solution is to replace corded blinds with cordless, but that isn’t always possible. There are ways to make your corded blinds safer for kids. Child safety for blinds is all about keeping cords away from kids, avoiding the creation of hazardous loops, and making sure cord and chain loops are held down tightly. 

General Safety Tips

Kids are curious! And blind cords and loops may look like something fun to play with, touch, and investigate. The best steps we can take are to keep cords out of reach and snuggly tie down all loops. Here are some other ideas for general blind cord safety for your kids.

  • Move furniture away from blind cords. Kids can climb furniture to reach cords.
  • Keep beds and cribs away from windows. Consider moving them to a different wall.
  • Replace corded blinds with cordless, especially in kids’ bedrooms, sleeping areas, and playrooms.
  • Wrap cords around cleats to keep them out of reach.
  • Visit the Window Covering Safety Council website for more information and resources.

Cord and bead chain loops must be fastened to the wall or floor with a tension device. Click here to see how that is done and other useful information about securing loops.