How to Install a Plastic Ball Cord Condenser

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Cord condensers allow for your blind strings to be condensed into one large pull cord for easy operation. This guide illustrates how to attach a simple ball condenser to the strings on your blinds. This cord condenser should be installed within three inches of the cord lock on your blinds.

A Note on Safety

Kids can strangle in blind cords. To make your blinds safer for kids, keep cords out of reach and secure cord and bead chain loops. To learn more, please visit our child safety guide.

Tools Needed

Needle Nose Pliers

Step 1 – With the strings cut evenly slide the top of the ball onto the strings followed by a washer.

Step 2 – Tie a knot at the bottom of the strings.

  • Instead of tying a knot, you can also use a metal string crimp at the bottom of the strings.

Step 3 – Attach the pull cord to the bottom half of the ball by tying a knot or using a metal string crimp. Then screw the two halves together.