How to Replace a Cord Lock in a Mini Blind

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Cord locks on horizontal mini blinds are used to lock the lift string in place, keeping the blind in a raised or lowered position. If the cord lock on your blind is no longer holding the blind in position, it will need to be replaced. This guide demonstrates the steps to remove the old cord lock and install a new one.

A Note on Safety

Kids can strangle in blind cords. To make your blinds safer for kids, keep cords out of reach and secure cord and bead chain loops. To learn more, please visit our child safety guide.

Tools Needed

Flat-head Screwdriver

Step 1 – Prepare for the repair.

  • Remove the blind from the window.
  • Remove any tassels and safety washers from the lift string.

Step 2 – Pull the lift strings out of the cord lock.

Step 3 – Remove the end cap next to the cord lock.

Step 4 – Remove the cord lock.

  • Gently pry the cord lock out of the headrail with a screwdriver.

Step 5 – If necessary, remove the cord guide from the old lock and attach it to the new one.

Step 6 – Install the new cord lock.

  • Place the cord lock into the rectangular punch in the headrail.
  • Snap the cord lock into the headrail.

Step 7 – Pull the cords through the new cord lock.

  • Thread the wire restring tool through the bottom of the cord lock.
  • Place the lift strings through the eye of the tool and pull them through the lock.

Step 8 – Complete the repair.

  • Replace the end cap.
  • Replace the safety washers and tassels.