How to Replace Levolor Trim and Go Vertical Blind Wand Control Mechanisms

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This guide explains how to remove and replace a broken wand control mechanism on off-the-shelf Trim and Go Levolor vertical blinds purchased from a big-box store. The stem of the tilt control often breaks off, leaving no place to hang the wand from to tilt the blinds open and closed.

Tools Needed

Phillips-head Screwdriver
Flathead Screwdriver
Needle-nose Pliers

Step 1 –Remove the slats from the blind, and remove the blind from the window. Lay the blind on a flat surface for this repair.

Step 2 – Remove the two screws holding on the metal plate. Set the plate and screws aside.

Step 3 – Remove the metal pin that is inserted through the tilt rod. To do that, pull out the plastic end piece and rotate it until the pin is easily accessed. Use needle-nose pliers to pull the pin out. Set it aside for reinstallation later. Remove the end cap, and set it aside.

Step 4 – Before you can remove the wand tilt mechanism, first turn the headrail around and look at the other end. There is a silver metal tab that needs to be pressed down so that the carrier right next to it can be released to move freely.

Step 5 – Turn the headrail back around to the end of the wand tilt mechanism. Slide the wand control out of the headrail. The small magnet catch piece will also come out. Set this aside.

Step 6 – Remove the broken wand tilt mechanism from the spacer strap that it is attached to by breaking out the small tab on the top of the mechanism with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 7 – Put the new wand tilt mechanism onto the short spacer strap. Line up the strap with the small rectangular hole on the top of the mechanism. Pull the strap through the hole with needle-nose pliers.

Step 8 – Before putting the tilt mechanism back onto the metal tilt rod, be sure that all of the stems that the vanes hang from are in the same position. Now, slide the new tilt mechanism onto the tilt rod and into the headrail.

Step 9 – Slide the magnet catch back into the headrail with the magnetic side facing towards the tilt mechanism.

Step 10 – Put the end cap back onto the headrail.

Step 11 – Twist the shaft of the tilt mechanism so that the tilt rod will turn, revealing the small hole where you can reinsert the pin with needle-nose pliers.

Step 12 – The end cap won’t push into the headrail fully. Turn the headrail around and put the tilt rod back into its seated hole.

Step 13 – Now, you can fully seat the end cap that is on the end by the tilt mechanism.

Step 14 – Replace the face plate and screws.

Step 15 – Put your wand onto the new tilt mechanism. If necessary, unscrew your old wand from the old tilt mechanism. Turn the headrail on its side and attach the wand to the new tilt mechanism with the screw. Be sure that the screw goes through both sides.

Step 16 – Test your repair. Be sure to pick the rail up when you test it. Push the wand back and forth and twist it. Do not test it on the bench so that the components can move freely as intended.