How to Restring a Mini Blind

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The strings in a mini blind can become damaged for many reasons. This can cause the blind to not lift, lower, or lock in place properly. Instead of purchasing a new blind, you can follow this process to restring your mini blinds.

A Note on Safety

Kids can strangle in blind cords. To make your blinds safer for kids, keep cords out of reach and secure cord and bead chain loops. To learn more, please visit our child safety guide.

Tools Needed

Tape Measure
Flat-head Screwdriver
Wire Restring Tool

Parts Needed

Step 1 – If your blind has a valance, remove it and set it aside.

  • Some blinds may not have valances attached.

Step 2 – Determine the string amount needed to complete your blind repair.

  • Use the following formula to determine the amount of string needed.
    [(2 x length) +width] x number of lift strings

Step 3 – Cut all of the strings you need for this repair.

  • We recommend replacing all of the strings in your blind to ensure proper operation.

Step 4 – If your strings are frayed but still intact, the blind can be restrung without removing it from the window.

Step 5 – If the strings are missing or broken, the blind will need to be removed from the window.

Step 6 – Cut off the tassels, and remove the safety washers.

  • Set aside these parts.
  • Some blinds may not have safety washers.

Step 7 – Pull the lift string from the bottom rail and cut the knot off.

Step 8 – Start here to restring a blind that has frayed but unbroken strings.

  • Fuse the ends of the strings together by melting the end of the old string to the new string.
  • Roll the strings together to join them.

Step 9 – Tie a knot at the end of the new string.

Step 10 – Pull the string through the blind until the knot on the new string is seated at the bottom of the blind.

Step 11 – Cut off the excess old string.

Step 12 – Start here to restring a blind that has broken or missing strings.

  • Remove the old string from the blind.

Step 13 – Blunt the end of the new string to prevent fraying.

Step 14 – Starting at the top of the blind, thread the string down through the slat holes.

  • Alternate sides of the ladder support pieces every three slats when threading the new string.
  • This ensures that the slats won’t shift during operation.

Step 15 – Thread the new string through the bottom rail.

Step 16 – Tie a double knot on the end string, and cut off any excess string.

Step 17 – Remove the blind from the window.

  • Lay the blind on a flat surface.

Step 18 – Thread the wire restring tool through the cord guide at the bottom of the headrail.

Step 19 – Thread the string through the eye of the tool, and pull it through.

Step 20 – Using the wire tool, thread the string through and around the cradle.

Step 21 – When rethreading the cord lock, thread the strings between the roller and the latch.

  • Threading the string may vary depending on your cord lock.

Step 22 – Remount the blind.

Step 23 – Test your repair.

  • Test your repair by raising and lowering the blind. Make sure that the blind locks in place properly.

Step 24 – With the blind down, attach the safety washers two inches from the top.

Step 25 – Cut the lift strings to the desired length, and reattach the tassels.

Step 26 – Attach the valance.