Panel track blinds are also known as sliding panels and panel track shades. These are moderately easy to repair. Common repairs include replacing broken cords, installing new mounting brackets, and installing tension devices.

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Identification and Background

Panel track blinds are usually found over sliding glass doors and large windows. They have an aluminum track at the top from which hang several large panels that slide back and forth on the track. They can be operated by pulling on cord or with a wand that pushes and pulls the panels across the window expanse. They can also be motorized. The panels can be made out of fabric, screen material, or natural materials such as bamboo or reeds. With the wide variety of materials available, it’s easy to match panel tracks to other window coverings in the home. Some people use panel track blinds as room dividers or as closet doors. These window coverings are also known as sliding panels and panel track shades. Panels can stack on either side of the track or open in the middle.

Panel tracks are thought to be inspired by Japanese Shoji screens which are used for privacy and light control. Sliding panels provide a modern, fresh approach to covering doors and large windows. They are a contemporary alternative for vertical blinds.