Woven wood shades are also known as natural shades, matchstick blinds, and bamboo blinds. These are fairly easy to repair. Common repairs include replacing the string, cord locks, and clutch mechanisms.

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Identification and Background

Woven wood shades are made of natural materials such as bamboo, reeds, rattan, grass, and jute, that can be raised and lowered. The pieces of natural material are woven together with yarn in a specific pattern. They can be operated by pulling on strings, with a continuous loop of cord or chain and a clutch, with a retractable pull cord, with an internal cordless mechanism, or be motorized. These shades are available in a variety of fold types and can have shade liners for privacy and blackout needs. Woven wood shades are also called matchstick blinds and woven wood blinds.

Woven wood shades are the creation of Beauti-Vue Products Corp, founded by brothers John and Victor Grumbeck. In the late 1940s, they started making matchstick bamboo woven wood shades. Their products gained great popularity, especially in the 1970’s when the colorful woven yarn combinations really caught on.
Today, woven woods still come in a great variety of colors and patterns. Since they are made of all natural materials, they give a warm, natural, organic, and casual feel to spaces.