Pleated shades are also called fabric, EvenPleat, and FashionPleat shades. They are fairly easy to repair. The most common repairs are replacing broken string, installing new mounting brackets, and replacing worn cord lock mechanisms.

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Pleated shades are made from a single piece of fabric that has been folded to create crisp pleats that are commonly 1” wide. Pleats can also be 2” wide. These shades are made from fabric, paper, polyester or a combination. Some pleated shades have a mylar or metal coating to improve insulation. The strings that lift pleated shades up and down are visible through route holes in the fabric. Pleated shades can be operated in a variety of ways: by pulling on strings, with a continuous cord loop and clutch, with an internal cordless mechanism, or with a motor.

Pleated shades were invented in the Netherlands by a company called Verosol in the 1960’s. Some popular brands and lines of pleated shades include Joanna Solare, Graber and Bali FashionPleat and EvenPleat, Comfortex Solo, Delmar, Arquati and Verosol.